The best apps for Instagram stories

Instagram is offering more and more tools so all users can give their Stories a personal touch counting on multiple resources. However, not all options offered by the platform to customize Stories are very functional, which is why it is necessary to resort to other apps to achieve that personalized touch you really want. In the following article, you will find the best apps for Instagram stories that will undoubtedly turn your stories into much more appealing ones.

The top 10 best apps for Instagram Stories


1.     Unfold.

This app offers more than 25 completely free templates, plus 90 more from the premium version. It has advanced text functions so you can add a different touch to every story.


2.     InShot.

This app is a photo and video editor that offers different tools to customize contents. Apart from the photo tools, InShot also offers special functions for videos, with which you can add tracks either from your Smartphone library or any other platform.


3.     Hype Text.

This app offers you the opportunity to add animated text both to photographs and videos. It has multiple fonts and animations; likewise, you can change the color of the designs and set the speed of the animated text .


4.     Hootsuite.

This is frankly one of the best apps for Instagram stories. Hootsuite allows you to plan and create content for your stories in advance. You can program them to be posted at the most suitable moment, so you can reach your maximum potential.

5.     VSCO

VSCO allows you to edit your photos in a much more professional way by offering tools that allow you to adjust parameters such as color, texture, perspective and light. You can import photos from your professional digital camera and edit them on the go.


6.     Enlight Pixaloop

Enlight Pixaloop allows you to convert a static image into a dynamic one. You can add multiple elements and layers; after that, you can adjust the speed to completely customize movement.


7.     Clipomatic

With Clipomatic you can add subtitles to your video with an automatic function that turns voice into text. This way you can reach all those users who see stories without activating the sound; likewise, you can make your stories accessible to those with hearing impairment.


8.     LoopVid

LoopVid has become one of the top best apps for Instagram stories. It works like Boomerang; however, with LoopVid you can create gifs up to 15 seconds long.


9.     Glitché.

Besides having functions for photographs and videos, Clitché also offers you the possibility to create your own customized gifs. Plus, Clitché is notable for having a variety of vintage styles for your pics and videos.


10.  Quick.

Quick is certainly one of the best apps for your Instagram Stories. With Quick, you can edit and design videos in vertical format with the right sizes for Instagram. Likewise, you can edit your videos in landscape or square format.


As you can see, there are multiple apps you can use; it is just a matter of finding the best ones, the ones that adapt to your requirements.


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