Best apps influencers use to edit photos

If you are looking to improve the quality of your pictures, here are some of the best apps influencers use. Because when it comes to photography, edition plays an important role. Not disregarding the importance of taking a really good picture, there are plenty of aspects that can be improved with a bit of editing.


Best apps influencers use:

1.   Adobe Lightroom for Mobile

Available for Android and iOS, this app is an amazing option for professional photographers since it offers the opportunity to edit your photos in RAW – this allows you to edit your aperture and exposure.

2.   Snapseed

This is an app developed by Google, created for professional photographers who are looking for a mobile program that has similarities to photoshop. It is great to edit RAW pics as well. It is actually beginner-friendly, being a great app influencers use.

3.   VSCO

If you are looking for the best iPhone app for photo edition, VSCO is the right fit for you. Apart from being an amazing pro editing app, it also works as social media network for photographers, allowing you to share your work!

4.   InstaSize

This app is available for Android and iOS, and it is known as one of the best all-in-one apps due to its vast variety of filters and tools that will not only help you edit your photos like a pro but will also improve your editing skills if you are not so experienced.


From lighting to contrast and special effects, there is a huge landscape of possibilities for your photographs! But only if you find the right app to do so. Never take for granted the importance of good editing skills.

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