Engagement Rate: What it is

Attention is very hard to get sometimes on social media. However, some channels and individuals have gathered a lot of responsive followers who regularly give them attention. Nevertheless, some people might ask, “what is the […]


How do I choose the best influencer for my brand?

Currently, influencers are playing an important role in marketing campaigns on social media. Countless companies are using this popular strategy for their marketing campaigns, and several success cases are known. But the question remains: Is […]


What are the main KPI’S to obtain the best Influencer Marketing ROI?

When conceiving an influencer marketing campaign and its ROI (Return on Investment), there are several variable metrics to consider in order to optimize it. It all starts with the consumer’s journey; that is, the entire […]


How to become an influencer

Every time you upload a video on YouTube you get hundreds of views? When you upload a picture to Instagram, does it get many likes? Well then, ask yourself: do you want to make the […]


What are Nano Influencers?

The first time you heard the term ‘Nano influencer,’ you probably screwed up your nose and asked the golden question: ”What are nano influencers?” It is natural to assume that an individual/celebrity with hundreds of […]


What is Influencer Marketing

Despite its popularity, many business owners have not gotten on board. They keep asking ‘what is influencer marketing’ or ‘how can it be of any help” in their businesses. To millennials, this is a term […]



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