How do I choose the best influencer for my brand?

Currently, influencers are playing an important role in marketing campaigns on social media. Countless companies are using this popular strategy for their marketing campaigns, and several success cases are known. But the question remains: Is truly it possible to choose the best influencer for your brand?

However, this can be not only a very time-consuming task but also one with which companies struggle for many other reasons. Which influencers should the company choose? Who will add more value? Which one represents a smart and well-placed investment?

This being said, it is completely true that it is not easy to find and choose the best influencer.  But what if we told you that this didn’t have to be such a difficult decision?


That’s right.

Nowadays your process will look something like this:

Company – Agencies – TV, Press, Outdoor, Radio, Influencers, Research, Social Media Display – Consumers.

And with a bit of luck, some of those consumers will become your brand advocates.


But how about a new and disruptive approach?

Company – Agencies (optional) – Skorr platform – Consumers as your brand advocates.

And all of this at a fraction of today’s cost!


But what is Skorr?

Skorr is a social win-win platform. On the one hand, it is a partner portal for brands to do social listening, paying directly to engage with social media users (no matter their social outreach) and do marketing or research campaigns (this last one available as of March 2021). On the other hand, skorr is also a free mobile APP where social media users can rank, monitor, improve and monetize (and this is where brands and companies come in) their social presence.

Therefore, Skorr is the tool companies have been missing! Why? Because with it, your company can:
  • Properly qualify audiences.
  • Run cost effective influencer campaigns.
  • Identify trends regarding their business and competitors.
  • Identify lists of people, selected by their interests, on which you will have anonymous data.
  • Track by topics Millions of articles and thousands of sources.
  • Buy social data from selected people (GDPR compliant).
  • Establish a connection and engage with your most valuable advocates.
  • Launch Marketing campaigns and research Studies for targeted users or lists of users using your criteria.
  • Track campaigns performance based on specific filters.
  • Measure performance connecting with Google analytics.

Furthermore, Skorr allows anyone to be a part of its community which means that you’ll be engaging in marketing campaigns with macro and micro influencers sure, but mostly with nano influencers with a following of 1 to 5k!

The great thing about this, is that these nano influencers give you a competitive edge on a low to none advertising space. That’s right! Nano influencers have a closer 1 on 1 relationship with their audiences, higher engagement rates and lower costs per impression/engagement. Thus, when your company/brand wants to launch a marketing/advertising campaign, with skorr and its network of nano influencers, you’ll have the possibility to promote hyper focused content, making it easy to roll out low risk cost effective campaigns!

Another challenge can be: how much shall I pay to each influencer? Well, Skorr also gives a great solution: with a kind of AirBnB approach, it automatically calculates the right value for each user, taking into consideration the social media selected and each user potential results in terms of reach, engagement and influence overall. Of course, each user can accept Skorr value recommendation or to set their own value. At the end, you will propose what you consider to be reasonable.

Finally, Skorr provides a total simplification of the process:
  • Easy set-up of campaign, including images, hashtags, keywords, etc
  • Chat room between brand and users to clarify any specifics of the campaign;
  • Automatic contracts for an easy approval from both user and brand side;
  • All invoicing and payments is taken care by Skorr. Brand doesn’t need to worry about it;
  • Full report including aggregated and individual user performance
  • Visualization of all posts done within agreed campaign
  • Automatic confirmation if agreement was fulfilled by the user (payment is not done if user does not execute agreed mandatory elements)

In conclusion, it’s not about how to choose the best influencer for your brand. It’s about choosing the many people who will, as a whole, promote your content in the best, most economical way!

If you’d like to find out more about influencer marketing and how Skorr can help your company, check out our website and app!