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What Makes the Skorr Platform Unique?

Personality & MATCH

A proprietary tool that allows you to assess the degree of influencer correspondence to a brand and be chosen based on compatibility.

Fast and in real-time

Campaign briefing, chat with talents, and real-time reporting.

Process Simplification

Dynamic and Automatic Contracts, invoicing, and payment solutions.


Users decide what to share from their professional and personal/private pages.

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Properly Manage Influencers

Work with all influencers

Work with influencers already registered on Skorr (FB, Pages, IG, IG Professional or Twitter), influencers not yet registered (IG Professional or Twitter) and get Full Media Kit including Match with the brand and with the talent audience. Create a MyNetwork of your brand and explore managed talents, Independent influencers or influencers who accepted the invitation to connect with the brand. Invite Customers or Followers of your brand’s social media using standard invitations or creating a new one and automatic add to lists.

Basic & Full Media Kit

It includes Key Performance Indicators by Social Media, All KPIs with graphical analysis, Posts and Stories with more success, Audience demographic Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, Writing Style Analysis, Offensive language Detection, Emotions, Personality – Big 5, Personality – Needs and Values, Entities and Hashtags with more Engagement, Best Time to Post – Reactions and Speed Analysis.


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Discover Instagram Talents

Skorr has a continuously growing database that already has thousands of talents. Use advanced search filters such as a search by the handler, by country, social network, gender, topics of interest, audience, publications, interaction rate, number of interactions (likes, shares), number of comments. Easy addition of the talents you are looking for that are not yet in the database.

Invite and add influencers to your account easily

Use direct email with automatic link.
Once the influencer accepts the invitation, it will appear in “My Network”.

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Look for the perfect match for your brand

Match is Skorr’s exclusive and proprietary tool in which, through an algorithm, the influencer’s compatibility score for your brand is calculated.

AI and ML at their best provide a thorough and detailed analysis of personality and emotions. Now, for the first time, you can match the brand you manage with each influencer and see which has the highest Skorr Match score!


Make the campaigns as you are used to, or fully automatically. You decide!

Here you can experience the simplification of a supported Platform with an APP:

1. Influencer gets the optimal value proposition and can define your own;

2. Influencer receives invitation, briefing, signs a “smart” contract, has chat and can get payment via APP;

3. Content submission via APP for Brand review and approval;

4. Recognition of content performed automatically (no proof required).

Easily Control Everything

Generate campaigns by deployment status

Review content submission sent by APP

Control influencers by execution status

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Build campaigns with influencers

Discover thousands of influencers and campaigns. You have agency influencers, you have all Skorr public databases available, Skorr App users and you can even invite your customers to campaigns.

Organize by lists and you have a universe of opportunities!

Reports and Cockpit

Get Real-time Data and Reports

Cockpit with KPI’s of your Brand’s social networks and Skorr activations

Automatic real-time reporting

Possibility to manually add posts and KPIs

Individual and aggregated performance

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