Data Privacy: Mobile App – Skorr

As technology evolved, more and more data came to be available. Phones came along, then smartphones and in a blink of an eye people started to realize just how much information anyone could gather and access. When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force two and a half years ago, it completely changed the way we look at data privacy. In fact, data privacy and protection are very crucial both for individuals and businesses.

That’s why Skorr, the latest social media hub, has made it a key factor to ensure its users data privacy at all times. Indeed, Skorr was born under the GDPR, being in full conformity with these guidelines and regulations.

But exactly how does Skorr ensure data privacy?

Skorr is a social win-win platform. On the one hand, it is a partner portal for brands to do social listening, engage with social media users and do marketing or research campaigns. On the other hand, Skorr is also a free mobile APP where social media users can rank, monitor, improve and monetize their social presence.

As a mobile app user, once you’ve downloaded Skorr you’ll be asked to link your preferred social media networks and to read and accept Skorr’s Terms & Conditions.

Nevertheless, all these steps can be amended or reversed at any moment by the user. Under these Terms, Skorr will not share any individual information to any of its business clients, but only anonymous and clustered information.

Once you’ve accessed Skorr, the app will aggregate information that you’ve published on the different platforms from the past 90 days and analyze it in order to calculate the performance (also known as “SKORR” which goes from 10 to 100), trends, rhythm, and type of activity.

Users will be able to see the Skorr of other users, but only if they have downloaded and registered in the Skorr app.

As we’ve said, social media users can rank, monitor, improve and monetize their social presence. We’ve covered all data privacy concerning the first three modalities but what about the latter?

If you’d like to monetize your social presence, you’ll have to engage in marketing campaigns set by Skorr’s partner brands. Regarding this aspect, Skorr has also made sure no data is leaked without all permissions. In fact, for a brand to access any of your information, public or private, they will need to ask for individual user permission and pay for it.

If you’d like to find out more about Skorr, check out our website and app!