Engagement Rate: What it is

Attention is very hard to get sometimes on social media. However, some channels and individuals have gathered a lot of responsive followers who regularly give them attention. Nevertheless, some people might ask, “what is the engagement rate and how important is it?”


The Influencer Engagement Rate:

This is a metric used to measure the level of interactions that one post, content, or brand campaign produces. It represents the level of interaction with followers that is generated from a certain content created by a given user.


What’s the formula?

In order to know the engagement rate of a given content you must divide te Total Engagement (Number of interactions) by your total number of followers and then multiply by 100 (As it is shown below:)



The importance of the Engagement Rate

For every business out there with a passion to maximize its profit, the engagement, as a metric, is particularly important. Why? Because a high engagement rate on every content signifies that that particular post is going viral and having a lot of interest. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your interaction won’t matter because that’s simply not true! Every interaction counts!



In order to be of value to brands and start participating in brand campaigns and earning money with your content, it is more important to have a high engagement rather than a big fan base. If you want to improve your engagement rate try out Skorr, the free influencer marketing app that allows you to monitor and improve as well as monetize your social networks.

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