How to make money with your social networks

You have probably heard stories or even know someone who makes money through social media. So if you have an interest in this topic and would like to know how instagrammers make money from their followers, pay close attention to this article.

How to Make Money Through Social Networks

The first step to making money on Instagram or any other social platform is to create a decent and professional profile. Why? Because your profile is like your resume, your storefront.

How instagrammers make money? As an aspiring Instagram influencer, having a professional profile is the first rule, and so the question arises, “how to make my profile more professional?”

How to make your profile more professional

First, we advise creating an Instagram Creator account. It’s free and you will have access to a number of performance indicators. Click here to find out how to create a creator account.

It will also be very important to have a Facebook Page account to which you can link your Instagram Creator account. This step is essential so that once you start partnering with brands, they can have access to data on the performance of the posts they sponsored. Here’s how to associate your instagram with a Facebook Page account.

After these steps, creating an Instagram profile that grabs the attention of your target audience is not complicated. You need to use relevant keywords in your name that tell people what you do with a touch of humor, add eye-catching images and, if there is one, a link to your website.

Finally, it is important to be aware that in order to make money with your social networks you must necessarily make contact with brands, products or services. In fact, they are the main vehicles to leverage this dynamic of profitability, since they are the biggest stakeholders and investors in these platforms.

There are, therefore, two ways to establish this contact:

Leveraging the social network:

In this aspect enter variables such as having a profile with real appealing content, posting regularly, as well as having a well-defined audience and the respective niche research done.

Through grinders:

There is also the chance to use other tools such as influencer marketing apps or affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing or affiliate marketing as a means of making money on social media involves promoting some product to your followers and earning a commission when a purchase happens using your link.

Influencer Marketing Apps:

Skorr: Skorr belongs to a new type of digital tools, which puts brands in touch with content creators or influencers, based on the idea that it is the smallest influencers that bring the most benefits to brands, not the most media-friendly ones.

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