Want to run a campaign but are afraid of not being able to follow the results?

Many brands today have invested vast amounts of money and time into influencer marketing campaigns. The outcome – with the use of an influencer marketing app / portal – reveals that influencer marketing is truly worth the effort. It is considered one of the highly sustainable methods for building brand awareness, boost conversions, and even establish authority.

However, influencer marketing has a dark side. The most essential of all, being the difficulty to gather relevant results. And that is one of the primary reasons why some brands or entrepreneurs who want to run a campaign are afraid to do so.

This has led to the development of some additional tools to keep track of the overall performance in an influencer marketing campaign. Not being able to follow the effects of a campaign takes a toll on its effectiveness. Why? Mostly because the same strategies are constantly being repeated without even knowing whether they work.

Use hashtags to track results

Tracking hashtags performance can be a way of measuring the results of campaigns. It is not the best, nor the most reliable method, but for a reference sample it is possible to draw some conclusions.

Your hashtag game must be on point as you use it to piggyback on trending topics.

This enables you to do the following:

  • Measure the type and number of social media engagement or interactions;
  • Spot the most active locations of your target audience;
  • Measure the overall social media reach of an influencer content;
  • Estimate the number of negative and positive mentions in every hashtag.

However, if your intention is to track the results in detail and measure all the variables in order to have clearer results, the best action to take is to use an influencer marketing app or portal.

Use an influencer marketing app / portal

In this chapter, Skorr can be the solution! SKORR is a free Influencer marketing app for influencers to rate, monitor, improve and monetize their social presence. Users can be invited to run influencer campaigns or to sell their data. That’s right, no brand or agency will be able to identify the user or see their social media activity – even if done in public accounts –  without the specific consent by the user.

It also includes a Social Hub, a portal where brands and entrepreneurs can implement influencer marketing campaigns and accurately measure results. This portal has different access levels, starting with a totally free version.

With SKORR portal, it is possible to research and learn who is talking about what and which topics are currently trending. You can adequately qualify the public, promote direct relationships, and above all, execute economic and effective influencer campaigns.

Through the portal, you can follow results in real-time through metrics such as “Cost per 1000 Impressions”, “Reactions” or “Conversion cost”.

In conclusion, there is no need to be afraid to do campaigns just because you cannot track your results. By using the right tools, that will no longer be an issue. Take Skorr as the best example. With this app/portal you can track what you wish and fully understand the results of your campaigns.


If you’d like to find out more about influencer marketing and how Skorr can help your company, check out our website and app!