Influencer Marketing Trends for 2021

Influencer marketing has become a powerful tool for companies, allowing them to catch the attention of potential clients and helping to make sales. In the following post, you will be able to know about some of the influencer marketing trends most effective for this 2021.


5 influencer marketing trends for 2021


1.     Short videos are still a trend.

Short format videos are certainly one of the most attractive influencer marketing trends for 2021. The short video is an attractive type of content that captures the attention of users making them more prone to engage.

The video formats that are currently trendy are TikTok, Reels and Instagram Stories.


2.     Taking Generation Z into account

It is essential to take the generation Z into account as one of the target audiences. This generation has made smartphones and social media part of their daily lives. In fact, half of the members of this generation have made some kind of purchase just because an influencer has suggested it.


3.     Paid amplification for wide dissemination

Paid amplification of the influencer content is becoming more and more popular. Even though it may seem to contradict the meaning of influencer marketing, it is becoming a valuable option and in fact an influencer marketing trend, when it comes to reaching much bigger qualified audiences.


4.     Influencers loyal to the brand

Influencer marketing is evolving notably this year. It is not enough to hire an influencer and have them create advertising for their followers; this can stop being authentic at a certain point.

A brand’s objective is to be able to find real influencers who are always loyal to the product. This can be achieved by establishing a long-term relationship with the influencers, which will allow them to become a true defender of the brand and give genuine recommendations to their followers.


5.     Increase your brand value.

Currently, consumers value what brands think about topics that are sensitive for society. These aspects can influence the perception of the product they may have greatly. Topics such as recycling and taking care of the environment are highly valued by consumers.

We can see how more and more people are becoming big influencers daily, and this seems to be something that will be trendy for a long time. Thus, if you wish to take your brand to another level, do not hesitate to consider these content creators for your company’s advertising campaigns.

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