Skorr’s advantages for businesses

With the digital revolution growing at the speed of light and even more so after the changes that this pandemic has imposed on businesses, it is difficult for any business to remain successful if it is left out of the latest technological advantages applied to marketing. In the past, the success of a business idea could only be seen in the results, or lack thereof, after a lot of investment in traditional advertising. The great advantage of digital is that everything can be measured at zero cost or residual cost, and the more you measure, the more awareness you have on what are the most profitable bets for any type of company.

Skorr belongs to a new type of digital tools, using Artificial Intelligence to leverage businesses. With its origin in Portugal, but spread around the world, Skorr is a platform that puts brands in contact with content creators or influencers.

Skorr is for all types of influencers, even the smaller ones and not just the most media-friendly, since the former have an enormous potential. The truth is that about 90% of the social media population has less than 10K followers, and advertising agencies and platforms usually don’t engage with them.

Skorr is precisely the platform that allows companies to identify these nano influencers, namely those who talk about the topics most relevant to their brand. From there, they can engage, research and create influencer or ambassador campaigns, and even future affiliate activations directly.

As an influencer marketing platform, Skorr proposes a change in strategy that allows companies much greater budget control, as well as prioritizing the creation of brand advocates, at a fraction of the current cost. Why? The brand can invest directly in consumers of its brand, available to be its ambassadors.

How does this influencer marketing platform work?

It’s as simple as searching for “Skorr” on Google and you wil quickly learn what is relevant to you and how to create highly effective campaigns. Currently, the available platforms are Facebook and Facebook Pages, Personal and Professional Instagram and Twitter.

Is Skorr an application and a portal?

Skorr is composed of an app and a portal. The application is free for all individual users. The portal, specially designed for companies, brands and agencies, is where Skorr monetizes. Through this portal, brands can search for anonymous data and group them in order to run campaigns or even buy access to such data, given the consent of individual users, respecting the GDPR rules.

It’s a flexible solution that gives independence to users and entrepreneurs, allowing them to query in real time, discover and harness the power of this community.

Skorr’s technology, sophisticated artificial intelligence detection analysis and algorithms identify fake activity in any user. Our machine learning can also analyze the emotional profile of each user to a level never before offered in the market.


Learn about Skorr’s advantages for businesses:

You can get an accurate sense of “who’s talking about what”:

  • Identify trends regarding your companies, brands, products, topics of interest, competitors;
  • Identify lists of people, selected by their interests, in which you will have aggregated or anonymized individual data;
  • Track millions of articles by topic.

You can qualify audiences and foster relationships:

  • Purchase social data from selected individuals (in compliance with the RGPD, the data protection regulation);
  • Invite your social media follower base to gain insights and foster engagement;
  • Connect and engage with your most valuable advocates.

You can run profitable campaigns with all kinds of people, including nano-influencers:

  • Launch marketing campaigns to specific users or lists of users using demographic criteria, by social network or topics where they are most relevant
  • Track campaign performance based on key performance indicators
  • For the first time you can run campaigns on non-Page Facebook and Personal Instagram accounts (albeit with far fewer metrics)
  • Associate Google Analytics conversion goals.

You will have the whole process very simplified, from contracting to payment:

  • Contracts are automatic and approved easily on the portal and in the APP;
  • The briefing is simple but with the power to associate images or any type of mandatory or optional element
  • It has a chat function to clarify doubts directly with each influencer
  • You have access to a cockpit with real time results not only from your campaigns but also from your own social networks
  • The confirmation of whether the influencer complied with what was stipulated is done automatically, also allowing for human curation
  • Payment, if made in cash, is simplified and made directly by Skorr via APP
  • You can also choose remuneration models by products, discounts, etc.

Influencer marketing has proven to bring valuable benefits, such as achieving greater market segmentation, thus reaching more people of different ages, interests, geographic locations, among others. The use of nano or micro influencers allows for a more genuine connection given the feeling of closeness between the influencer and the person who follows them, and this type of influencer can create a more organic and personalized content, which can be ideal to achieve the results you want for your brand.


Do you have questions about how this influencer marketing platform can take your business to the next level or want to know more? Feel free to talk to us and follow us.