The impact of the pandemic on influencer marketing

Marketing during the pandemic for business growth

The survival of the fittest came into play when the whole world was brought to a halt due to the widespread pandemic. Businesses worldwide took a hit, and it was left for those with a definite and unique marketing skill to overturn the tables for survival. A lot of businesses packed up and filed for bankruptcy, while others smiled at the bank. The lesson taught every entrepreneur one thing: the importance of influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing refers to different forms of social media marketing, including endorsements and product placement from influencers through various digital channels.

Businesses that understood the power of this medium were quick to apply it to their marketing strategy, and we can see how it has become a household name to both businesses to customers (B2C) and business to business (B2B) models.

Today, companies, whether big or small, are all adopting this model to carry out effective marketing to various people worldwide, and it has paid off extremely well. The lockdown measure throughout the world does not affect how fast information could go through the numerous digital channels available.

Furthermore, running effective campaigns using influencer marketing became more powerful compared to traditional marketing that is still being used today. And it has seemed to generate an extreme and massive following from audiences on these various platforms. The global pandemic gave further rise to influencer marketing, and it has come to stay because influencer marketing has shown the ability to scale a business for maximum and exponential growth.

Now the point is, do you have any idea what is the image your brand is conveying in social media, and if at all, your audience is engaged? One piece of advice: look for tools that enable you to listen to social media and understand your brand personality… to then identify influencers which personalities, emotions, and sentiments do a strong match with your brand. Otherwise, you may risk that your influence marketing investments not payout in terms of brand equity reinforcement.

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