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You are a celebrity or a newcomer in the influence world. It’s free.

You sell products, services or your image. You are independent or an agency talent. Join Skorr platform and have full analytics of your social presence. Match your personality with anyone, including brands. Use same login in the Skorr App and be invited to campaigns.

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You are an agency running
influence campaigns.

You develop social listening or consumer intelligence for your clients. Join Skorr platform and get real-time analytics in a GDPR compliant way. Onboard your talents and manage multi-influencer Campaigns with easy invitations, smart contracts, live chat, in-APP briefings and payments.

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You are a multinational
or a small business.

You want to know more about your brand social presence and of your competitors. You want to run yourself influence campaigns or to get real-time reports of your agency. Get full analytics in a GDPR compliant way. Match your brand personality with the influencers. From always free to customized plans.

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