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I work for an Enterprise or Corporate brand

and would like to get more insights about my brand, know my followers and take my social media campaigns to a whole new level!

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I work for a Communication or Social Media Agency

and would like to use deep analytics to improve my campaign engagement and performance monitoring capabilities.

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I’m a Social Media User

and would like to boost my online presence engaging in social media initiatives and leverage relationships with brands and agencies.

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About Us

We deliver a nano-influencer marketplace where we bring social media users, corporate brands and marketing and communication agencies together.

Social Media Users are empowered with mobile App to manage their online presence to control their individual details and privacy settings, determining what information is available to whom and enforcing 100% GDPR compliance.

SKORR Online Portal delivers brands and agencies the means to explore social media influencers and establish online relationships along with advanced ML and AI qualification features to ascertain which influencers will have the best fit to which brand and which campaign, along with unique analytics capabilities to monitor and track campaign and infuencer performance.