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Why Skorr

App & Portal

Skorr is not only the most comprehensive app for influencers to optimize their profiles and accept campaigns, but also a multi-featured portal for companies to build their influence marketing campaigns

From Micros to Macros

From micro-influencers to macro-influencers, from start-ups willing to enter the influence market and expand their growth to multinationals willing to enforce their power, Skorr is fully adaptable to your needs

Privacy is Priority

Privacy and safety are two of our major forces. Not only we protect the private data collected, but we also give influencers the power over what they can do and share with brands. This way we are fully compliant with GDPR and companies are fully safe to work with influencers’ information.

Unique! Check Why

From a proprietary search engine to a module that allows you to invite your followers to Skorr, to the optimization tools for influencers’ networks, we have amazing and unique features for you in Skorr. Either being an influencer or a brand representative you will be amazed at what you can do with Skorr! Check these out!

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Skorr APP

Build Your Own Campaigns

With Skorr you will be able to start an influence marketing campaign in a few minutes.

Add Your Own Users!

Use Discover Module to add users to the Skorr network by simply sharing links with your customers, followers, or anyone you know!

Campaign Reports

Get real-time results of your campaigns, analyze KPIs and see how they are performing, and export the reports in PDF.

Find the Right Influencer

Use our proprietary search engine to find the right influencers or ambassadors for your brand and build your campaign wishlists!

Manage Payments

Manage all the payments to influencers inside Skorr, save your time and the trouble of managing hundreds of payments, we do it for you so you can focus on your campaigns!