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Skorr & Match

The Skorr algorithm calculates and assigns a score value up to 100, depending on the degree of influence of the brand or influencer with its audience. With Match, you will be able to see how closely the influencer’s personality and/with the brands are approaching!

Mentions - See what is said!

With the Social & Media Listening tool, you can analyze posts and articles that talk about your brand, competitors, or your topics of interest!

Discover - Independents or Agencies

Discover thousands of influencers and use advanced filters. If you have talents you can’t find, including them is automatic.
Are you brokered? The entire invitation and negotiation process is forwarded to your agent.

Cockpit - Automatic Reports

Skorr’s artificial intelligence gathers all campaign content without the need for an influencer to submit it.
Get real-time results from your campaigns, analyze KPIs and see how they’re doing and export reports in PDF.

Protected Personal Profiles - GDPR

Brands and agencies can now work with personal networks to open the door to new opportunities.
At Skorr you can associate personal pages from social networks, as anonymity and data protection are guaranteed. The influencer can decide to sell or offer the data when requested.

Contract and Payment Management

Skorr allows the realization of automatic contracts, as well as the management of payments to influencers.
This way you save the time and effort of managing hundreds of influencers, so you can concentrate and focus on the best campaigns!

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